KOOH Sports offers unique solutions to facilitate the school sports day. The team comes with a fair share of expertise in conducting community and corporate events and can assist a school in conducting School’s Annual Sports Day.

Our coaches assist in organising innovative games, track and field events and sports based events for the

Sports Day

at the school.

Organise Sports Day

Organise Sports Day
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Themed opening ceremonies
Coordinated & synchronized activities
All age group participation
Teacher participation
Morning yoga
Physical training activities
Showcase of specialty talent
Gymnastic drills
Dance activities
Games for all age groups
Games for all age groups
Sports based events
Various fun athletics formats
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Our team can assist the school in conducting activities like- assembly of athletes, march past, hoisting the flag, lighting the torch, oath taking, declaring the meet open, inaugural address, drill displays like Yoga postures, Aerobics, Tambourine (Lezim), Sari drills (colourful cloth movement), Self-defence etc., prize distribution, closing ceremony, lowering the flag, national anthem and the likes.

Avail professional help to conduct the

Sports Day

of your school,

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Track & Field Events:

There are a lot of innovative track and field events that are offered to a school customised for different age categories

Sport based Events:

Finals of games like Volleyball, Table Tennis, Chess, Carom, etc. will be conducted on the day of the event

Special events:

Please check the Alternate Sports page, if you would like to add a different flavor to your Sports Day

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