A sport activity is not only enjoyable for a kid but it also boosts creativity, expression, grasping power, confidence and leads to self-actualisation.

Sports have the power to lift children’s spirits and brighten their outlook on life while buffering them from problems that affect their optimal physical and psychological development.

To bring this positive change KOOH Sports has developed  a multi-sport programme: PEAK - Physical Education, Analysis and Kinetics. PEAK is a multi-sport programme for kids from grade 3 to grade 12 and offers 11 different sports.

PEAK: Physical Education, Analysis and Kinetics

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Sports Education

Stress on ball handling
Warm-up & injury prevention
Ball Handling techniques
Structured introduction to a sport
Develop overall fitness
Develop overall strength & conditioning
Talent identification
All aspects of a sport covered
Innovative session plans
Match situation simulations
Fitness analysis
Develop proper sporting techniques
Initiate & sustain interest
Individual attention

Generates interest in kids towards specific sports

Improves kids’ physical strength and provides due conditioning to their body

Exposure and experience in multiple sports

Technical specialisation

Periodic reporting and assessment

Nutrition workshops

Talent identification


There are value added services that can be availed by schools for the complete physical and sports development of kids along with the PEAK programme. Upgrade the program to PEAK + that includes:

Body Composition Analysis (BCA):

BCA gives health insights and help in determining and developing ideal fitness and nutrition regime.

Video Analysis:

KOOH Sports uses the Dartfish software wherein recordings of a kids training sessions and/or game sessions are taken to identify the areas for improvement. It is one of the most effective methods of performance analysis available in the world today. This improves technical knowledge and also betters performance and game results.

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The PEAK curriculum starts with fundamental skills of a sport and progresses to develop specific and advanced sports skills

The programme uses field tested scientific curriculums

KOOH Sports provides highly experienced coaches along with state-of-the-art equipment for a session across all levels and all grades

Sports coaches conductperiodic and progressive assessments

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