“Freedom From Fear” is a Self Defense initiative by KOOH Sports in association with Taekwondo Federation of India (TFI) to provide Taekwondo training to women. It is based on the approach that women should be better prepared to handle and address any hostile situation.  KOOH Sports will conduct intensive Self Defense Training Camps and train women on key block, punch, thrust techniques that will aid them in protecting themselves against any physical attack or abuse and ward off any potential danger.

The key is to empower women to be confident and be capable to rise up to any unfortunate situation. The focus of the coaches will be to not just train the women on the physical techniques but also to equip them to be mentally strong and face their opponent with confidence.

Freedom From Fear is a 10 day self defense workshop conducted by seasoned taekwondo coaches from KOOH Sports and Taekwondo Federation of India.

Freedom From Fear

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Freedom From Fear
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The 10 day workshop is conducted around:

Foundation of Self Defence
Escape from grabs & holds
Targeting and striking techniques using elbow and knee
Understanding punches & blocks
Jab, fist, cut, hook
Techniques on strikes
Techniques on hand attacks
Techniques on kicks
Techniques on Blocks
Training on using everyday pocket items as a weapon

If you wish to run this unique programme in your school or locality, contact Karishma Boolani on +91 95829 95591.
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