Give your child a chance to let go off all his inhibitions and play!

A playground is definitely the place you would like your child to be spending his day. KOOH Sports has ample ways to keep your child engaged while ensuring his skills get identified and explored to the fullest!

Make the very important after school hours worthwhile and count by engaging him/her in one of our specialized development centres. These centres not only let a child enjoy a sport, but ensure a professional level of training that progresses with age and skills.

We provide training in Cricket through

KOOH Sports Cricket Development Centre

, in Football through

KOOH Sports Football Development Centre

and in Basketball through

KOOH Sports Basketball Development Centre


Underpinned by international and Indian experts, the program provides cutting-edge

scientific player development


We will soon be launching state-of-the-art




development centres.

Sports Development Centres

Sports Development Centres

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"When we deny young children play; we are denying them the right to understand the world"