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We educate kids on the importance of their brain health and introduce them to a variety of subjects to provide all around exposure and development. For holistic development, it is important to maintain a healthy balance between academic exposure and physical fitness. A healthy brain dwells in a healthy body. 

Kids today are spending more than 7 hours daily in front of various screens. There are rising instances of health issues amongst the young ones.

To help create awareness about the rising concerns around obesity and other related health risks and to provide an early warning signs, KOOH Sports brings you a unique health & activity assessment module for kids! This gives you an opportunity to get your kids/students tested and assessed for their Physical well- being! 


FOCUS (Fitness Of your Child Using Science)

a unique scientific assessment module to help evaluate kids' Health, Fitness & Activity levels through a series of physical tests and a one-on-one questionnaire.

All tests are conducted under the supervision of Sports Scientist - Karishma Boolani.

Key parameters of assessment include:

Get your kids' physical fitness assessed.

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