When we started with KOOH Sports, it wasn’t a business idea. It was a simple intent to see the kids on the playground, playing, and being themselves with a more self-discovery led education system.

When we got on the field, we were not thinking about the numbers, we were thinking about a generation which was far from being itself. There is little dispute that physical activity is good for kids: It not only helps develop muscles and fend off obesity, it also offers opportunities to socialize and learn new skills.

This drove us to build a more specialised, structured way of educating the kids. And what emerged was a comprehensive form of physical education with


as its backbone -

“Sports Education”

“Early stage movement to active for life” or “early stage movement to podium”

is the central theme to what KOOH Sports has to offer.

The 3 tier Approach

Understanding the importance of schools as the potential platform to set such a change in motion, our approach has been on three levels:

Genesis of KOOH Sports

About Us
Genesis of KOOH Sports
The KOOH Sports Way
Management Team
Board of Directors
Our Partners
Panel of Experts
Initiate Interest:

creating interest for sport in school kids through structured education model

Nurture Talent:

nurturing talent by offering professional sports training after school hours

Promote Talent:

promoting young talent from schools to professional level sports 

"We are never more fully alive, more completely ourselves, or more deeply engrossed in anything than when we are playing"
- Charles Schaefer