KOOH Sports is a new age Sports Education, Training & Technology Company set up with a passion to get kids of today to embrace sport and more importantly a healthier life style. KOOH Sports aims to be present throughout the journey of a kid from early stage movement to being active for life and for a persistent few even turning professional at a sport of their choice.

“Early stage movement to active for life”


“early stage movement to podium”

is the central theme to what KOOH Sports has to offer. Our belief is that if one has to make a difference, one has to start at the grass root level and be present through the entire value chain to follow through the seeds you plant at the early stage.

KOOH Sports delivers grass root programmes at schools to:
•   Initiate interest in playing,
•   Nurtures talent through its sports development centres and
•   Promote talent with best in class sports properties

Having steadily grown since its inception, KOOH Sports through a multitude of products and programmes has worked with more than


kids across India.

Our Programme Delivery:

We at KOOH Sports aim to bring about a change in the outlook towards Sports in the country.

Our approach to address these issues is to engage young children in various physical education programmes. Our programmes are designed to impact attitudinal development and overall holistic growth of a child.

The curriculum of each programme is comprehensive and emphasizes on the importance of outdoor activity. The curriculum integrates international standards in the current elementary PE Classes - making the activities more interactive and interesting for the kids to take home a fitter body and a sharper mind.

Our key objectives are:

• To imbibe a fitness culture amongst children from an early age
• To address the health issues arising out of poor lifestyle choices
• To encourage children to be out in the field and play active sports
• To emphasize the importance of base level fitness for every child
• To refine & develop his skill set leading to single sport specialization
• To create platforms for discovering and showcasing talents

Our Programmes are designed to deliver:

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About Us

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