Welcome to Kooh Sports

KOOH Sports is a new age Sports Company set up with a passion to get kids of today to embrace sport and more importantly a healthier life style.

KOOH Sports is driven by the age old philosophy 'a fit body leads to an able mind', a cliché forgotten by many in today’s fast paced technology world. Being the catalyst for getting kids out of home and getting them excited to play, specialise in a sport or build a state of being active is the genesis of the KOOH Sports set up.

KOOH Sports aims to be present throughout the journey of a kid from early stage movement to being active for life and for a persistent few even turning professional at a sport of their choice. 'Early stage movement to active for life' or 'early stage movement to podium' is the central theme to what KOOH Sports has to offer.

'Catch them young and watch them play' is our motto.

Having steadily grown since its inception, KOOH Sports, through a multitude of programmes, has currently reached out to over 70,000 children across the country and plans to reach over 3,00,000 children over the next three years.

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